Hamsa Turquoise Square Silk Scarf

Turquoise Silk Scarf

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Square silk scarves are one of the most popular gift choices for someone special. A luxury square silk scarf can really help to make a fashion statement that will make you feel fabulous! This wonderful luxury accessory is easy to wear and will really turn heads wherever you go.

Inspiration for the Hamsa Turquoise silk scarf has been taken from the traditional sign of the Hamsa hand which is meant to bring prosperity and luck to the person who wears it - this means that the design of this gorgeous scarf has traditional roots too as well as being right on trend! YAELLE silk scarf designs are truly individual and will make anyone proud to wear one!

This beautiful silk scarf includes a wonderful pattern that is made up of many different Hamsa hands that are hand drawn and coloured beautifully with an array of multi coloured tones. The wonderful pattern is then finished off with a Moroccan tiled border with contrasting colours that sets off the internal design.

Many different design methods were used in the creation of the Hamsa hands that feature on the centre of this silk scarf – some were collaged, some were hand drawn and some were painted in watercolour before being expertly digitally printed onto a square of 100% silk measuring 96cm x 96cm in order to create the whole design. To finish the luxurious look, each Hamsa silk scarf comes complete with a gorgeous Hamsa Hand charm/pendant that can be used however the wearer would like!

100% silk, 96cm x 96cm

Comes with a beautiful filigree detachable hamsa hand charm

Fabric Variance

While a great deal of effort is taken to get the exact colours of the scarves, some scarves may vary slightly in colour. They may also vary from the pictures shown due to lighting conditions and camera/monitor settings.

Hamsa Turquoise Square Silk Scarf