Russian Doll Turquoise Square Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

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At the heart of this design is the idea of peace and unity. From the UK to China, these hand drawn babushka dolls represent cultures from all around the world. Each doll has an outfit representing its nationality, including bhinids for the Indian dolls and traditional floral bunting for the rosy- cheeked British doll. Above all this Yaelle scarf is created to make you smile.

100% silk, 100cm x 100cm

Comes with a cute mini detachable hand painted Russian doll charm.

Fabric Variance

While a great deal of effort is taken to get the exact colours of the scarves, some scarves may vary slightly in colour. They may also vary from the pictures shown due to lighting conditions and camera/monitor settings.

Russian Doll Turquoise Square Silk Scarf